Eavesdropping, and some other stuff to say.

The outrage coming from the media in the past week has been a long time coming. The global government leaning New York Times even jumped on board this week with their editors saying  ” the Administration has lost all credibility” , they were forced to reissue the editorial to say “the Administration has lost all credibility on this issue”. Let’s catch some of you up on why the New York Times’ original statement was accurate.

– It has been proven that the IRS was used as a political suppression tool by the administration since at least 2010.

– It has been proven that the Justice department and Eric Holder approved the Fast and Furious operation, which sent combat weapons to the most brutal  Mexican drug cartels.

– It has been proven that President Obama really had no intention of closing the shameful Guantanamo Bay facility. I would love to know the number of times he promised to do that in his ’08 campaign.

It has been proven that the administration could have sent ample help( our FEST teams ) to the personnel in Benghazi Libya before the second attack happened which would have saved the lives of  personnel. It has not been proven but it was testified to by the three highest ranking U.S. intelligence officials on the ground in Libya at the time of the incident that Hillary Clinton wanted to build a large permanent base in Libya. After the incident Marines arrived and a large permanent base is in the works. Two heroes died that day deserving  recognition. Many Americans will likely never hear of their story due to the administrations ongoing coverup of the incident. Two former Navy SEALS currently working as contractors for the CIA, I believe they were doing security for the Benghazi CIA annex at the time. They convinced a helicopter pilot with $30,o00 to fly them close to the embassy so that they could try and evacuate the surrounded personnel and also to protect the many missiles that were being stored at the site.  They died after holding the mob at bay for longer than anyone expected and were the only reason some personnel were able to make it out alive.  It has been proven that our FEST teams(not the best of the best,  the very best of the best) were ready to go but were given a stand down order from the White House, according to sworn testimony to the Senate by the current FEST commander. It has been said by many special forces whistle blowers since the incident that Ambassador Stevens was carrying out orders from the White House to buy back the weapons we gave to the Libyan rebels to overthrow the Qaddafi regime and transport them to the US/NATO backed rebels in Syria.

It has been proven that Monsanto seeds of various types cause abnormalities of many kinds in mice, and human testing never took place. Monsanto has used these same seeds to cross-pollinate thousands of neighbor crop fields. The neighbor of a person who bought Monsanto seeds without fail has his crop cross-pollinated and turned into GMO food by the wonder that is the honey bee. Monsanto has as a result been able to systematically steal the land of these farmers for using their seed without purchasing it or their consent. They are suing them for making profits off of their patented GMO crop. I couldn’t make this stuff up, google it. Oh BTW who does Obama appoint to head the  FDA, none other than Michael Taylor, Former VP, Chief Lobbyist, and before that lead lawyer for Monsanto .  The Huffington Post’s Jeffrey Smith wrote a good article on Monsanto and Obama’s appointment of Michael Taylor to head the FDA. You can go to this link http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jeffrey-smith/youre-appointing-who-plea_b_243810.html to read it.

It has been proven that Russia and China do not intend to allow the U.S. and NATO to overrun Syria and Iran with mercenary armies as they did in Libya. Russia has given Syria Iskander missiles along with the S-300  system developed to defend against aircraft and cruise missiles. Very high tech weapons, for example, the Iskander missile is a surface to surface missile known to be unstoppable by any missile defense system. It was only given to Syria, according to Russia, as a result of NATO delivering PATRIOT missile batteries(the equivalent to the Iskander) to Turkey the week before. The Russians say they only recently gave the Syrians the S-300 defense system due to NATO countries allowing the Syrian weapons embargo to expire. Russia knew and every NATO nation knows that means a free for all for trafficked weapons, mercenary armies, and special forces in Syria is coming. By giving Syria the S-300 Russia guaranteed that this next NATO conquest will not be a repeat of Libya, the military’s of the world will be involved in this one. The question is does NATO have the ability to back off now due to more sophisticated weapons being currently smuggled to Lebanon, due to their attacks on Syria in the first place I might add. With certainty I can tell you if much more time elapses Israel will be hit hard by these new weapons and then Pandora’s Box has opened. So do they decide to try to quickly stop the flow and attack Syria quickly, maybe before these new systems are operational. Or do they take a little more time and hunker NATO troops in Lebanon for a while to hunt down the missiles that arrive. Is that why the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit’s Rapid Response Force just arrived on the Jordan-Syria border under a media blackout.

I don’t want to write a long shpeel on it, people should do their own research on this anyway, but Osama Bin Laden died a long time ago due to kidney failure. Obama only said he ordered a raid by Seal Team Six to kill Osama Bin Laden. It was for political purposes when his birth certificate scandals were in full swing if you remember. Numerous former Seal Team members have come out and said this was the case. To shut Seal Team Six members up Obama ordered the downing of a chinook helicopter carrying 30 members of the Seal Six team that were involved in the Bin Laden raid. More special forces community members instantly began speaking out that this was done to intimidate the remaining members from coming out and saying that the whole thing was made up for political purposes. I wrote an article about this back in August of 2011 before the many Navy SEALS started speaking out. You can read it here. http://ytilaerniereh.com/2011/08/15/was-bin-laden-already-dead/ .  Dr. Paul Craig Roberts has written about it at length recently as well. You can read one article here. http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2012/11/26/the-osama-bin-laden-myth-2/

I want to keep writing but I’m tired and want to post this. There is alot more, but I’ll end with this. I’m sure you’re all seeing the uproar over the NSA spying scandal right now, just wait. I was working in San Francisco a few months back. A customer came in and I began small talk with him. Turns out he was in town for the RSA hacker conference. He had a National Guard jacket on so I asked him if he was in the Guard, he said no, in the Army. He told me the number of years but I don’t want anyone at the NSA or the Geo-Spatial Intelligence Agency to be able to deduct who he is after I talk about him. He is a good man. We began talking computers obviously, some basic hacking stuff I had heard about, we talked a little politics, where he’d like to retire, we talked a good 30 to 40 minutes before I felt comfortable asking him deeper questions. He was somewhat surprised that I knew what I did, but it made him more comfortable with me, he saw my passion and that I had done most all I could do to find truth and I think he just talked when he normally wouldn’t, I don’t know. But I ran some technologies that I had read about by him, and a few that I theorized they had. I guess I should say this first. This guy is likely the best hacker or cryptologist/cryptoanalyst America has. I know this due to the time he has been in the Army, the Unit he told me he was with, due to the agencies he has done work for, and due to the fact that he was in a small meeting with Condoleeza Rice at the RSA conference where they spoke and he was told that she will be running for President in 2016. I think she’ll run for President but take the VP spot when Petraeus puts his hat in the game. I think Christie is done, that’s neither here nor there. Anyway, there aren’t many of him by the information I attained, he is hands down one of the most dangerous men in the world. His skill set puts him at the precipice of the digital age and I wouldn’t have rather spoken to anyone on earth that day than this guy. Those of you that know me know I must have been on cloud nine. But I didn’t want to waste the time I had with him so I really tried to ask pointed direct questions once I believed trust was built. The first technology I got confirmed and most important was this, I said, so I know that the government can listen in while our phones are idle, meaning not being spoken on(of course the filters are there when we are talking on our phones), but are each of our phones, while idle, also being connected to the word and speech recognition filters our government has. He said that the two technologies were connected. I then said so you guys have a real time environment of all of our cell phones and when the keywords that you put in a filter are said you know exactly where it was said.  He nodded, lol. It was one of those long blink nods, you know what I mean? I then said so I’m sure a guy like you is aware that a quantum bit was created last year, and that quantum computing is only a matter of time. So we both know that once that happens they will then have the the data storage capability to record the real time environment surrounding all of our cell phones, and replay history anywhere. Combined with satellite surveillance technology which could then be recorded too, they would be able to render a 3d image with sound, of history. Provided a cell phone was in the vicinity of course. He said I’m sure that will happen. He then said I’ll do you one better, I think the first one was better but maybe it was just a figure of speech. He said let’s say someone is standing over there, and he pointed 400 yards away or so. He said and the guy has a little device in his hand, and he made the shape of 3 or 4 inches across by 8 inches high or so. He said, and on that device is all of the cell phones in the vicinity. They are tapped into the word filter systems as well and can alert the user to something in their area that way. Or they can search through the list of cell phones, click on a phone number, or click on a dot on the gps screen, on the location of someone, ya know. Once you click on the dot or the number it takes you to all of the persons data. From backdoors into their social networking accounts, to full access to any email provider’s customers, to your travel history. I’m talking about your cell phone travel, down to the yard kind of travel where they can backtrack where you have been since whenever they started datamining all of this, I would say at least back to October 2001. All of your DMV and jail history will be connected to your phone of course , i’m sure he left out some information they have for brevity but I got the idea. He said so if there is a huge crowd and you are wanting to find someone worth surveilling for whatever ends, you can just scroll through the different numbers, reading the information, and find the one you want/need to follow. Then click on gps, that persons cell location pops up, and the user walks over to them. He then smiled and started talking about how they get access to all of our computer data. He said code can be hidden on the back side of an image. It’s called something but I forget, it sounds like cryptology but it’s not. I want to say cryptogography, i just googled that though and nothing, maybe it’s that secret, ha , i just think I’m wrong actually. Maybe someone can correct me in a comment. But anyway they just hide code on the back of pictures in the majority of cases, actually he said on the back of a pixel in an image, and that could get you into any computer once downloaded. I then asked him about the Batman technology, you know, from Dark Knight where he uses people’s cell phones to create a field around each cell phone. He then  interpreted the field through alghorithms, by the resonance and activity within the field. Images or a 3d environment can then rendered from each cell phone in real time. He said he had not seen that.  He told me that I really need to read a book written by Rosa Koira called Behind the Green Mask about Agenda 21. He said, that it’s the most accurate book he has found of what is really going on. He said, everything in that book is happening. There are alot of people I work with and have met that aren’t going to let this happen. He said we just know it’s best for us to be on the inside where we at least have some power rather than just quit because we don’t agree. I said you are right and thanked him for being the man he is, and that he will know when it is the right time to take a stand. We then talked Benghazi for a little bit, then he left. We shook hands knowing we’d never see eachother again, but we had forged a bond blood deep, a bond based on the pursuit of justice against the criminals currently running our planet.  I gotta go to bed. I just wanted to write this because everyone is freaking out about the NSA having access to all our e-mails, phone calls and social networking sites, if they only knew we are all being listened to 24/7  in real-time with a speech recognition filter through our phones.  Sorry about typos, I’m sure there  are many. Maybe i’ll fix them tomorrow.


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