Syrian government forces have regained control of Qusayr on the Lebanon border despite best efforts of NATO. You think Russia’s S-300 system had anything to do with this? Of course. Look for things in Lebanon to heat up in the coming weeks and months.

Press TV
 05 June 2013
Syria’s state television reports that Syrian forces have regained full control of the strategic city of Qusayr following three weeks of fighting with the militants in the region.

The Syrian military forces dismantled the terrorist network of the militants in the strategic area, which borders Lebanon.

Many of the foreign-backed militants and members of the armed groups were killed or injured during the Syrian army operations to cleanse the region of the terrorists.

Following the successful operations, the militants fled to farms and a village near Qusayr.

Reports indicate that peace and security have now been restored in the region following the defeat of the terrorists.



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