Breaking : Coordinated sabotage is taking place in San Francisco. Statewide emergency alert to conserve energy has been declared… Bullet holes in a crucial California power sub-station…Fiber-optic cables were cut shortly before 1:30 a.m. in two locations along Monterey Highway. FBI is now working the case.

CBS San Francisco: […] Crews were working to clean up an oil spill caused by bullet holes at a PG&E transmission center just southeast of San Jose, a PG&E spokesman said. […] “We are currently on site assessing the magnitude of the vandalism and the impact,” he said. […]

KTVU: Vandalism to major power transformer triggers power alert […] Utility officials issued an emergency flex power alert for the Silicon Valley Tuesday after vandals riddled a key PG&E substation with bullets. […] PG&E was reporting heavy damage to transformers at the substation following gunshots heard during an apparent vandalism in the early morning hours. […]

NBC Bay Area: Statewide Emergency Alert to Conserve Energy After PG&E Substation Vandalized […] About 10,000 gallons of oil began leaking Tuesday morning from a transformer at a San Jose PG&E substation […] As of 10 a.m., hazardous material crews were still cleaning up the mess, and deputies have not yet been able to get inside. […] Two hours after the gunfire was reported, PG&E called the sheriff’s office to report that their security fence had been “breached” in the 100 block of Metcalf Road near U.S. Highway 101. About the same time, and not too far away, Gilroy and Morgan Hill police departments reported that 911 calls from land lines were not working Tuesday morning. Stenderup said it was too early in the investigation to tell if the events were related.

San Jose Mercury News: […] There were multiple gunshots heard at the facility,” said PG&E spokesman Jason King. “We have crews on the scene and we are currently assessing the situation.” […] PG&E reported that at least five transformers were damaged. […]


Follow-up to: Bullet holes riddle key California power substation causing heavy damage — 10,000 gallon oil spill — Statewide Emergency Alert to conserve energy — 911 calls not working nearby

Reuters, 9:55p ET: A Silicon Valley power substation was damaged after rifle shots were fired at it early on Tuesday morning, leading the California grid operator to call for electricity conservation. […] Investigators later determined a high-powered rifle had been used […] About a quarter of an hour before the shots, someone cut fiber optic cables belonging to AT&T, located about a half-mile from the power station and due to the close timing and proximity, investigators believe the incidents are linked, he added. […]

CBS San Francisco, 9:13p ET: Vandalism At San Jose PG&E Substation Called ‘Sabotage’ […] In apparent acts of “sabotage” in the South Bay early Tuesday, someone cut fiber optic cables, knocking out some 911 service, and then fired a rifle at a PG&E substation, Santa Clara County’s sheriff said. The vandal’s objective appears to have been “shutting down the system,” Sheriff Laurie Smith said at a news conference at the substation Tuesday afternoon. “We don’t have a suspect,” she said. “It seems like the same perpetrator or perpetrators to me.” […] The underground cables, protected by manhole covers, were cut shortly before 1:30 a.m. in two locations along Monterey Highway, Smith said. […]

CBS Reporter: “The FBI is now leading the investigation”


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