China’s marines hold military drills in wake of Japan and U.S. joint exercises: reports

Central News Agency

2012/10/06 21:54:37

Taipei, Oct. 6 (CNA) China’s marines recently conducted military exercises focused on seizing and controlling islands to test the combat capability of its forces, Hong Kong-based Phoenix Television reported Saturday.

Participating in the live-fire drills were tank, infantry, reconnaissance, communication, chemical and artillery personnel, who camouflaged themselves to evade radar detection from their imaginary enemies.

The report said the forces arrived at a military port after hours of movements over a long distance.

The first combat group got off their landing craft in the water, while amphibious frogmen made a landing on the island and reported the enemy’s location so that the first combat group could fire on enemy positions.

All commando teams then launched attacks on the beaches to control strategic locations.

China’s drills come in the wake of a joint U.S.-Japan military exercise on Guam and other U.S-controlled islands in late September.

A Navy website under China’s Liberation Army Daily showed on its home page the slogan “Protecting the Diaoyu Islands (known as the Diaoyutai Islands in Taiwan) is the responsibility of all Chinese around the world,” and it also carried a series of reports on the drills.

But the report was about exercises conducted by China’s North Sea Fleet in the Yellow Sea, not about fleets in the East China Sea or South China Sea, where tensions were reported with other countries.

(By Charles Kang and Lilian Wu)


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