New Jersey Governor Chris Christie reignites speculation about a Presidential run with a 3 state fundraising trip this week. By the way this is the guy I have been pushing for a year now. If he does run I may even go work for his campaign. Obama is doing all he can right now behind the scenes to keep Christie out of the race, trust me. I spoke with a New Jersey Senators wife a couple months ago for over an hour about this, I think he is going to run. Believe it if you want but he is the only guy who can beat Obama in 2012.

September 26, 2011


PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s travel schedule has political circles in Washington and Trenton buzzing.

Governor Christie will be traveling this week, headlining fundraisers in three important states: swing state Missouri, swing state Louisiana and usually Democratic California, where the money is.

These freshly scheduled appearances come after a CBS national survey showed a full 50 percent of Republican voters are not happy with their choices for president, not exactly great news for Mitt Romney and Rick Perry, who got clobbered in a Florida straw poll.

What’s Christie up to? Publicly and privately he is telling America he is not a candidate for President, but Republican money bundlers are hoping that Christie steps forward and goes for it.

The three-state visit this week is significant for two reasons: he’s covering a wide geographical swath and the timing. Neither Romney nor Perry hold up well in national polls against President Obama, despite the fact that the President has his lowest approval ratings.

Keep an eye on the travels of Chris Christie.

Reported by Special Contributor Larry Kane, KYW Newsradio 1060


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