Corrupt Italian PM Sylvio Berlusconi now accused of underage sex and related abuse of power

Big News     Saturday 15th January, 2011

Prime Minister Sergio Berlusconi, the Italian leader, is being investigated for underage sex with a prostitute, and a subsequent cover up in which he abused the powers of his office.

After narrowly avoiding a vote of no confidence in parliament, the Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, is now being investigated for an alleged sexual encounter with an underage prostitute and subsequent cover up.

The Italian Prime Minister has long maintained his playboy image and has made no secret of the fact he enjoys the company of the opposite sex, but now Italian prosecutors are investigating embarrassing claims by a teenage nightclub dancer.

The girl, whose stage name is Ruby the Heart Stealer, claims she attended orgies at Mr Berlusconi’s mansion in Milan during February and May last year, at the time she would have been just 17 years old.

Prosecutors are also investigating alleged abuse of powers over an incident in which the dancer, whose real name is Karima El Mahroug, was arrested for theft allegations.

The Prime Minister is alleged to have called the local police station where she was being held and ordered the officer on duty to release her, saying she was the granddaughter of President Mubarak of Egypt.

The police officer reportedly responded with skepticism, informing the Prime Minister that “if she’s Mubarak’s granddaughter then I’m Queen Nefertiti of the Nile.” She was, however, released following further request from the Prime Minister’s office.

Investigators want to ascertain whether Mr Berlusconi’s motivation in securing the dancer’s release was to cover up the fact that he’d paid her for sex at his villa.

The 74-year-old Prime Minister has called the allegations another attempt to discredit and embarrass his government.

Mr Berlusconi is also faced with three separate corruption investigations against him.

The age of consent in Italy is 14, but sex with a prostitute under 18 is illegal.


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