rant – things that must change sooner than later…

America consumes 50% of the world’s natural resources and we only hold 8% of the world’s population within our borders. We receive our unproportionately discounted goods on the backs of child labor. We take what we need from countries worldwide. Apathy has a blood choke on this nation. Our heavy handed actions worldwide are embarrassingly easy to interpret by anyone who has done even the slightest bit of research into the geopolitics of these countries. We must immediately begin removing troops from countries not posing a direct imminent threat to our national security. The loss of access to cheap oil is not a threat to our national security it is a threat to our way of life. While a change to our way of life may be uncomfortable it is one a decent human being would endure to prevent the two wars of occupation and indoctrination we have undertaken killing a million plus Iraqis alone.

Domestically we need to raise taxes and pay our debts as soon as possible, then quickly begin counterbalancing our inflated dollar with a mix of rare earth (energy) metals, gold, and silver.  The Federal Reserve needs to be dissolved and widely recognized for what it really was , a private institution pursuing the interests of its shareholder banks, many of them being international investment banks and controlled by foreigners serving foreign interests, in this case that of globalists. The Congress then needs to begin regulating the creation and dissemination of the dollar serving the interests of the American economy alone. We need to immediately remove ourself from the G-20 agreements and communiques.  Government healthcare should also be immediately repealed. We need only begin enforcing the current laws of the country in regards to immigration and border protection, they are fully encompassing if we would only enforce them.  Our tax system needs to be transitioned to a consumption or flat tax and the I.R.S. then dismantled. Our voting system needs to return to paper ballots, immediate election results on network cable is secondary to the integrity of our democratic process(feel like I’m living in the twilight zone having to say this)… We need a focused effort on improving our regional relations. All of the resources we need are at our doorstep if we would treat them as neighbors. Alaskan oil needs to be unleashed and refineries which take 2 years to build need to begin construction immediately. Self sufficiency should be the goal and satisfied mutual interests in regards to trade should be the policy of the country, not C.I.A. destabilization and bribes among the countries in our region. We need to remove ourselves from N.A.T.O. or dissolve it depending on which camp you’re in. I go back and forth on this but I believe our membership in the U.N. should continue, if for no reason than to set example and hopefully spur massive reforms to the institution, but their powers and regulation should not be allowed to extend one foot into U.S. sovereign territory. A calculated plan is under way to steal each of our freedom and the sovereignty of nations worldwide.



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