China’s new stealth fighter goes nose up for 1st time, article also incudes an image of a simulator that looks to be made for the J-20.

by Bill Sweetman at 1/3/2011
The most recent imagery from Chengdu shows further progress toward first flight, with the nosewheel off the ground.

At the same time, Chinese defense bloggers have pulled up an image of an experimental simulator cockpit that emerged a couple of years ago:

blog post photo

The forward view of the aircraft on the left-hand display is much too like the J-20 to be the product of coincidence.

Other Chinese enthusiasts have been playing with CGI. It is hard to vouch for their accuracy, but it’s visually impressive:

blog post photo

Finally, Air Power Australia has released an updated assessment of the J-20, with some interesting thoughts on timing, numbers and roles and missions, and Feng at Information Dissemination has some good observations.


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