Christopher Stevens – Expendable U.S. diplomat; Benghazi, Libya. His death was allowed to create outrage in the U.S. so hundreds of Marines and a permanent base could be set up in Benghazi.


I thought my first post should summarize my thoughts going into this new arena of information sharing, the blogosphere. I have my reservations. Primarily due to the fact that I’ve had an inclination toward privacy due to the removal of our civil liberties, having every keystroke datamined, every phone call scanned and recorded. I decided that a decision to speak truth in a corrupt environment can only bear fruit if the person has equipped themselves to do so. So I decided to continue researching and reading what books I could get my hands on concerning truth in these days of lies. I’ve been reading about things that I once would have bet significant money I never would have had an interest in. I’m certain I could wager you at this very moment and you would bet against facts that are on the site.

I have come to the conclusion that it is nothing more than a battle of wills that we face.  Do we as Americans have the will to begin viewing ourselves as a part of an ever expanding human race which can’t continue to support the resources the United States is currently demanding?  Can we on our own accord begin to curb our desires knowing we have the power to demand it with the most powerful military in the world? Could future generations have a better example to follow than a people who once had the option to choose ignorance through abundance, but instead the nation  chose to tend to the needs of humanity, of the world?

Unfortunately the decision has already been made for us. America’s transition into a mediated economy ends in chains. Through the culture of debt imposed on this country by international investment banks we have had futures stolen in one foul sweep.  Collective humanity has been deemed no longer capable of facing the problems that lay on the horizon. Those problems instead will be tackled by a means of technological control prior man could have never envisioned… Now I hate to be too revolutionary but I believe collective humanity has yet to have its best days, because I believe we all share the common desire to be free. Having identified many of the men who have played a part in this… raping of the world, I now hold hope for our cause.

I have chosen to disregard my prior inclinations and have constructed this site to help you identify those who intend you harm. I have deducted this is the most effective way to do them harm, and if it means representing my views for all to see then it is a necessary evil. Unfortunately alot of my hope is dependent upon an intellectual awakening here in America. One that addresses challenges head on and through collective dialogue tackles the problems of the generation. This will only work if prudence is heeded and the United States quickly begins to set the example for the world in regards to the restoration of our planet, which has been exposed for too long to a limitless consumer base in need of EVERYTHING. We must as residents of this world view each nationality and culture in the same context as we would like to be viewed. With all having equal access to a certain quality of life. Until we as humanity desire  these basic principle rights for all, these evil men will continue to divide us by preying on all of the basic weaknesses of men. Identifying these men and bringing them to justice won’t remove these weaknesses but it will prove to generations long after our own that they can be overcome. The question is, do we have the will? You’re all in my prayers.



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