An old post of mine

I love our country and most of the safeguards our Constitution provides for each of us. Having said that I can also appreciate the fact that the institution of the United States represents the first time all races, religions, and tongues have come together to build something since the Tower of Babel. It is hard for me not to try and correlate the similarities between these two periods in history. With the Tower of Babel it was their goal to build a tower to Heaven before God saw how an evil thought could be pursued universally, so He omnisciently chose to separate humanity into different races and tongues across the earth. I think it would be apathetic neglect on our part as Christians to not appreciate the similarity between their decisions and our own. In the age of nuclear war, completely artificial DNA strands, genetic cloning, and weather modification fallen man has found himself in control of technologies that by the desire of relatively few men, the world as we know it could become a very different place. We have no earthly wisdom or historical precedent to refer to when it comes to facing the developing problems of our age. We as Christians have been too blinded by nationalism to view ourselves as a global church body as we were commanded. The U.S. consumes 50% of the world’s natural resources and holds only 8% of the world’s population. Our selfish desire for these resources found outside of our borders come to us only from keeping a third of the world in poverty and a billion and a half without any form of electricity through sanctions and other covet means. I’m afraid that unless our Christian nation(which is what we are viewed as throughout the world) begins to humble itself to provide for the needs of the global church we will soon find ourselves subject to punishment as before. I think the spiritual nakedness of our current country is testament to this fact. I hope and pray that we begin to see the resources and wealth of this country not as a blessing but as a daunting responsibility. You’re all in my prayers.


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